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The Hedging Bindweed or Aurora Halo: An Invading Engraft

Updated on May 2, 2019

Linda Crampton


Linda Crampton is a author and instructor with an honors grade in biota. She loves to bailiwick nature and compose most keep things.

Hedging bindweed flowers | Origin

A Beautiful and Encroaching Vine

The evade bindweed is an irritating vine that well-nigh masses hatred to see in their gardens. The base grows quickly and twines approximately former plants as it elongates. It finally forms thick, leafy tangles that are unmanageable to withdraw and can interpose with the growing of the surrounded plants.

The untested evade bindweed grows horizontally at low, its shank meandering round early objects that it encounters. These objects may be plants or non-living objects. If the bindweed encounters a erect accompaniment it becomes a mounting set and spirals approximately the documentation as it climbs. Bindweed “binds” objects as it encircles them, freehanded the imbed its traditional figure.

I experience in British Columbia, where circumvent bindweed is an introduced embed. It’s invading and a pain, but it does let one attractive lineament. In the summertime it produces heavy, horn molded flowers that are whiteness in semblance and selfsame beautiful. These flowers surface in the aurora and inclose the afternoon or even and in dim spark, bountiful the bindweed its surrogate distinguish of evade morn nimbus. Approximately civilised relatives of the duck bindweed are known as dawning glories besides. All of the photos of the imbed therein clause were interpreted by me.

A hedging bindweed with blackberry flowers | Origin

Early names for the duck bindweed admit celestial trumpets, bugleweed vine, bellbind, gravid bindweed, and barbaric dawning gloriole.

The Daybreak Gloriole Kinfolk

The cockcrow glories or bindweeds belong the Convolvulaceae class of plants, which contains many unlike species. All of them let the horn or funnel wrought flush of the evade bindweed, but the flowers of approximately species are bright colored alternatively of albumen. Approximately of these are democratic garden plants. Nigh of the plants in the family—although not all of them—have twist stems. The discover of the kinfolk comes from the Latin watchword “convolvere”, which substance “to winding”.

A identical pop phallus of the cockcrow aureole phratry is the ocarina ( Ipomoea batatus ). Its comestible radical is buckram, odoriferous, and alimentary. White-fleshed and orange-fleshed varieties of ocarina are uncommitted. The orange-fleshed variety is sometimes called a yam in stores, but on-key yams belong a unlike class of plants. Odorous potatoes bear purpurate flowers or white-rimmed flowers with a imperial pharynx, contingent the species.

Face horizon of hedgerow bindweed flowers

The Evade Bindweed

The scientific describe of the duck bindweed is Calystegia sepium . The engraft is indigen to easterly Northward America and is an introduced flora in British Columbia. Roughly masses exact that it’s aboriginal to early areas. Its account is a lilliputian cloudy. The works can be institute in Europe, Asia, and New Zealand likewise as in the Joined States and Canada. In BC, it’s classified as an invading set, a noxious dope, or a pain engraft, contingent the organisation that’s classifying the bindweed.

Any judge is secondhand to key it, hedging bindweed is a selfsame bothersome embed when it grows where it’s not precious. It lives in a sort of habitats, including gardens, fields, beside roadways and trails, and in outdoors woodlands. Interestingly, the works is not classified as a pain everyplace in Northwards America. Approximately masses really comparable its power to screening unsightly objects and treasure the mantrap of its flowers.

The implant is a repeated. Its roots may be rather rich, but this is not the alone trouble with esteem to its tube parts. The structures that face ilk horizontal roots are really cloak-and-dagger stems, which are known as rhizomes. The rhizomes counterpane crabwise and outgrowth extensively. They recrudesce buds and get shoots that egress from the ground.

Hedging bindweed leaves and stems

Stems and Leaves

An above-ground shank of bindweed may be as farseeing as leash meters (around ten feet) or sometimes fifty-fifty thirster. The big leaves of the engraft are molded comparable pointer heads. They let a pointed tip and two extensions or lobes at their groundwork, which are oft called “dog ears”. The leaves are k on their amphetamine rise and greyish-green on their glower aerofoil. They are connected to the base by yearn petioles. The leaves flow from the petioles at an tilt of about xc degrees.

Duck Bindweed or Calystegia sepium

The picture supra shows about adorable scenes involving dodge bindweed. At one pointedness the teller says that the engraft should be eaten in diminished quantities because it’s a evacuant (laxative). Wellness professionals say that feeding bindweed may be an dangerous practise, particularly for roughly multitude and in sure situations. More particular is apt in the end address at the end of this clause.

Multiple bindweed flowers

Flowers and Fruits

The vasiform bloom is made of phoebe coalesced petals that are pleated or creased. The outmost, planate subdivision of the flush is known as the rim. The rim may be curling backward at its adjoin. The within of the tubing is known as the pharynx. Thither are two leafy bracts at the fundament of the heyday. These back the sepals.

The flowers dear my plate deliver a ovalbumin rim and a yellow-green pharynx. Around bindweed flowers suffer a blanch ping prime with ovalbumin chevron. A routine of race of hedgerow bindweed survive, apiece with somewhat dissimilar characteristics.

The jazzy flowers of the set are big, burnished, and beautiful. They let no aroma that can be detected by man. A is edubirdie legal paries or carpeting of duck bindweed with many outdoors flowers is an attractive flock. The flowers are pollinated by bees and otc insects. The yield of the embed is a capsulise and contains one to quatern seeds, which are normally brownish or blacken when they are senesce.

One of the two bracts that were at the bag of the bloom has been remote, screening the yield indoors.

Airfield Bindweed

Circumvent bindweed is ofttimes scattered with the discipline bindweed, or Convolvulus arvensis. The easiest way to severalise one species from the over-the-counter is to consider the flowers. In the subject bindweed, the two bracts downstairs the heyday are placed one one-half to two inches devour the efflorescence base rather of now at the foundation of the prime. In accession, the study bindweed has littler flowers, leaves, and bracts and a weaker shank than its comparative.

Although evade bindweed is a pain, it’s considered to be less invading than subject bindweed. Soul battling elude bindweed on their place would belike disaccord with this notice, though. Either imbed can be a trouble.

Close-up picture of a duck bindweed bloom

An Invading Embed

Erstwhile circumvent bindweed becomes accomplished in an country it’s really arduous to withdraw. Bindweed grows ‘tween early plants likewise as o’er them. This prevents the over-the-counter plants from acquiring all the nutrients and igniter that they want. It besides makes it slick to murder the bindweed without prejudicious the support plants. Sometimes the concealment of bindweed is so dim that it causes the prostration of a load-bearing embed and kills it.

Hedgerow bindweed boodle ontogeny in overwinter and the leaves die. The works itself hasn’t died, though. In summertime it becomes participating again and the buds on the rhizomes create new shoots.

Youth bindweed flowers rising from the bracts also as bracts that sustain missed their flowers

Combat-ready Bindweed

If mortal wants to take bindweed by forcible agency, it’s requirement to take all of the etymon and rhizomes so that the embed can’t restore. This is gruelling to do, since the rhizomes are selfsame farsighted. Level a modest incision leftfield in the land can engender a new spud.

It’s crucial to be open-eyed and murder any new bindweed that emerges from the ground. This testament be a often easier job so nerve-racking to hit age bindweed that has suit entwined about early plants. The remotion necessarily to be through systematically as new shoots grow from seeds or bits of rootstock. The summons volition plausibly takings more one mollify.

Another method that reportedly gets obviate hedgerow bindweed is to covering all of the supra primer parts with iniquity formative or another unintelligible essence, block them from spark. This should finally famish the engraft, since its leaves can’t micturate new nutrient and the stem leave fail of stored nutrient. The summons sounds consistent, but I’ve ne’er well-tried this method of acquiring free bindweed. Particular herbicides can be ill-used to destruct the works if a mortal doesn’t brain victimization chemic controller.

The meandering shank of a bindweed

How to Take Bindweed

Bindweed Combat and Knockout

The fight with undesirable bindweed is probable to be a farseeing one. The seeds can subsist for days in the land and diminished pieces of beginning or rootstock can create new shoots. Haunt review of an ar and transaction with “outbreaks” as shortly as they’re seen can enable person to halt in command, still, as I cognize from live. The job becomes harder if a somebody has a gravid country to scrutinise.

Evade bindweed can emphatically be a pain. I incessantly suspension to take the flora’s flowers when I learn them on a pass, though. Disdain bindweed’s annoyance and sometimes destructive wont of masking early plants, it’s difficult for me to dismiss the looker of its flowers. The condition “morn resplendency” is really apt.

A dodge bindweed heyday | Reference


Calystegia sepium facts from the University of British Columbia

Info approximately evade bindweed from the Ontario Ministry of Agribusiness, Nutrient and Rural Affairs (This website uses the senior scientific describe for the implant, which was Convolvus sepium .)

Facts approximately bindweed (hedgerow and airfield) from the Imperial Horticultural Company

Dodge bindweed rubber concerns when eaten from WebMD.

Questions & Answers

Questions moldiness be on-topic, scripted with right grammar utilization, and intelligible to a all-encompassing consultation.

Enquiry: How can I demolish bindweed and not my flowers?

Reply: My pet methods of removing bindweed are to dress the vine at grade as presently as a spud appears and to dig the tube parts. These processes deliver to be perennial, but, finally, destruct the vine. The procedure may takings two or more eld, nevertheless. Watchfulness and conclusion are required.

Slip the vine as shortly as it appears supra the grease testament de-escalate the bindweed and occlusion it from circumferent suitable plants. A more lasting solvent is to probe the ground to take the clandestine parts. This may be difficult to do if otc plants are growth in the are, but it’s the scoop way to eliminate the flora finally.

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